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The new Regulation for Cosmetics – Restrictions for importers from China, South Korea and Turkey

The new regulations for the cosmetics market contain the requirement to present a Free Sale Certificate, proving that the product is sold in countries "recognized" by the Ministry of Health (such as the European Union). It may be complicated to receive a Free Sale Certificate, unless the product is your own.

The regulations facilitate import from 36 "recognized countries" - EU Member States, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan - but restrict import from 156 other countries (as mentioned above, a Free Sale Certificate is required).

The Ministry of Health published a list of "not-recognized" countries as part of the new regulations, among them many countries from which today importers bring their products. The Ministry of Health will value the existing import confirmation until its expiry date and up to 5 years from receipt of the confirmation. Subsequently the Ministry of Health will require the presentation of a Certificate of Free Sale.

These import restrictions mean that it will not be possible to import products from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Turkey and Brazil – leading manufacturers of well-known cosmetics brands that have been sold in Israel for years.

In order to overcome the restrictions of the new regulations and to import products from the above-mentioned countries, you will have to obtain an Approval of Products in Europe prior to their registration in Israel.

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