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Preparing a Product Information File – PIF – for Cosmetics

A Product Information File (PIF) is a cosmetic product information file, containing technical documentation for a cosmetic product distributed and marketed in the EU market.

According to the EU cosmetics regulations a Product Information File contains among others:

  1. Product description.

  2. Safety report: The first part contains information on the safety of the cosmetic product, the second part contains a cosmetic product safety assessment report.

  3. Production method.

  4. Evidence of proper production conditions (GMP).

  5. Data regarding animal testing.

  6. Labeling of container and outer packaging.

  7. Data on serious side effects.

The Product Information File must be stored in a safe location, accessible to the competent authorities, in electronic or other format.

The Responsible Person has to make sure the PIF is written in an understandable way. In addition, the RP is responsible for updating the file if necessary.

We are experts in preparing a Product Information File for cosmetics and its maintenance in accordance with the requirements of the new regulations.

For further information about PIF: leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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