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Responsible Person for Registration and Marketing of Cosmetics (RP)


Registration of Cosmetics is a procedure required by anyone who wishes to import, manufacture, sell or market cosmetics in Israel. Registration of Cosmetics is a process carried out by the Ministry of Health and its purpose is to determine a standard of quality cosmetics that are safe for public use.

Recently a new Regulation in the cosmetics branch became valid. This regulation is based on the regulation in use in Europe- Regulation (EC) 1223/2009. The Ministry of Health published the new Pharmacists Regulations defining the requirements for manufacturers, importers and distributors in Israel.

The main change for the cosmetic industry is the appointment of a Responsible Person (RP) for each cosmetic product marketed in Israel. The RP has to meet the requirements of the new Pharmacists Regulations and the Health Ministry's instructions concerning cosmetic products under his responsibility.

The RP is the person who works with the Ministry of Health, instead of the manufacturers and importers of the cosmetics themselves, saving them time and allowing them to distribute the cosmetics earlier in Israel.

We supply all Responsible Person services such as: maintaining a safety evaluation for each cosmetic product, managing a Product Information File, labeling, storage conditions and more.

We act as Responsible Person for organizations that want to market their cosmetics as fast as possible without having to worry.

Leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible with further information.

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