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Blog New Regulation in the cosmetics branch

Recently the Ministry of Health published the new cosmetics regulations for the cosmetics market in Israel.

The new Regulation is intended to reduce the existing regulatory strain in the branch and to minimize the burden of the registration process.

Registration of Cosmetics is a process carried out by the Ministry of Health and is a prerequisite for anyone who wishes to manufacture, import or sell cosmetic products in Israel.

The new cosmetics policy is based on the regulation in use in Europe - Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 - and is expected to significantly accommodate manufacturers and importers by reducing the barriers now existing in the market.

The new Cosmetics Regulation is intended to ensure the quality and safety of products manufactured in Israel or imported, by defining the requirements for the manufacturer and the retailer.

According to Article 6 (a) of the new Cosmetics Regulations, each cosmetic product marketed in Israel will have a Responsible Person (RP) in Israel.

The RP's task will be to make sure that the manufacturer's or importer's (who appointed him as RP) cosmetic product meets all the requirements and guidelines of the Ministry of Health. In addition, the RP's task will be to represent the manufacturer or importer at the Ministry of Health, a timesaving step in the procedure of registering cosmetics in Israel and the marketing of the product.

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