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Before and after the Cosmetics Reform – Steps in the procedure to Registration of Cosmetics

The reform in the cosmetics market - based on the regulation in use in Europe - is intended to reduce the long bureaucracy required today of importers and manufacturers who market cosmetic products, and will eventually increase competition in the sector.

The new regulation in the cosmetics market, which defines working with a "Responsible Person" – RP – instead of directly with the Ministry of Health, may reduce the barriers in the cosmetics branch and save time during registration of the cosmetics in Israel.

Stage 1

Before: The importer is required to apply to the Ministry of Health for a license.

After: The importer submits a request for a the Ministry of Health through a RP.

Stage 2

Before: The importer submits the product for inspection in order to obtain a product marketing approval.

After: The importer gives the RP information about the product and its components and the RP informs the Ministry of Health through internet.

Stage 3

Before: The Ministry of Health inspects the product and its components and approves it within a few months.

After: The Ministry of Health approves the product within 10 days.

Stage 4

Before: The product can be marketed.

After: The product can be marketed.

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